Oireachtas workshop starts tomorrow!! I haven’t had dance since the first week of June so I’m really excited but I also hope I don’t pass out or throw up. Woohoo returning to dance life!!

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I’m reaching a point in my life where I’m wishing somebody had taught me how to compose a professional-sounding email, the social nuances of when and what to reply to emails, and what you’re supposed to put in the subject bar…

college is scary

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i left a sneaker in my camp friend’s car and i have a dance workshop tomorrow where we’re not allowed to wear hard shoes


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Ciara Sexton - Drunken Gauger

I’ve probably reblogged this a million times but I will never stop reblogging it

Always reblog.

camp is over now, and it was absolutely amazing. I made so many new friends, I went so out of my comfort zone (never thought I’d teach an Irish dance class with 16 kids!) and watched myself succeed at stuff I didn’t think I could do. I cried at our staff banquet tonight which was unexpected for me, and it made me think about how thankful I am for the way I was treated this summer as a counselor (not a junior counselor) and that I got to spend the whole summer with an awesome staff that was (usually) supportive of each other and who supported me and taught me new things every day. <3 camp

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sooo my class schedule for fall semester actually looks kinda rough, in terms of getting to my classes on time. whoops. too bad.

on the bright side I got 4 t-shirts, 3 tumblers, 2 cups, 2 string bags, and 2 flash drives at FASET

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Anonymous asked: YO YOUR POSTS AIN'T USELESS, PLAYA. THEY COOL AND FUN, JUS LIKE YOU, PUNK. have a good day lots of peace and love to you

thanks bae. that’s just the tag i use for all my personal ramblings, but it’s nice to know you think highly of them <3

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At girl scout camp this week, I taught my Irish Dance camptivity for the 3rd time this summer, but this time it was with 16 girls instead of 5. I was sorta freaked out when I got the roster, but I started teaching and they all loved skip two threes. Like, I told them to get some water and instead they lined up and skipped across the room nonstop. I also taught them half a light jig, and attempted to show them over two threes. Plus, since young girls have short attention spans and get tired no matter how much they like the activity, we had a mini dance party (like, pop music dance) in the middle, which they loved, and I also got to do reel and hornpipe all the way through and it was super fun!

Long story short, I had a billion times more fun in Irish Dance this week than I have the other times at camp, and I seriously hope some of the kids go home and try taking classes! Some of them were really good, and everyone had a blast.

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I did a thing with the bananagrams titles

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the problem here is that it’s 2:20, I’m leaving home at 7:30 tomorrow for a plane flight, I haven’t packed, and all I want to do is watch more battlestar galactica

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